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Suspense movie young teenage school girl flirts on phone with handsome older man who is a killer?
Older man does not know who she is and young girl pretends and describes herself as an older woman resembling her blond and attractive mother. In one scene, when he abruptly returns to his vehicle, she finds herself in the backseat where she hides out undiscovered during the ride. Eventually, the handsome killer in one scene sees daughter and mother together and of course believes he is phone flirting with the mother. He makes her the next target. Movie is possibly an 80's or early 90s.
Lisa (1989)
starring Staci Keanan, Cheryl Ladd, D.W. Moffett, Tanya Fenmore, Jeffrey Tambor, Edan Gross, Julie Cobb
IMDb synopsis:
Fourteen-year-old Lisa and her friend, Wendy, follow handsome men and, from their license plates, manage to find out the guys' names and numbers. Lisa is eager to start dating, but her mother doesn't think Lisa is old enough. She doesn't want Lisa to make the same mistakes she did as a teenager. One night while getting some groceries, Lisa runs into the handsome Richard. She gets his license plate and finds out his number, just as she'd done with all the other men. This time, she tells Wendy, maybe she and Richard could fall in love, mostly as rebellion against her mother. Lisa begins calling Richard, disguising her voice. She is just flirting, but Richard begins to become obsessed and enjoy their conversations. He begins to want to know more about her and wants to meet her. Lisa thinks it's harmless, but what she doesn't know is that the good-looking Richard that she has attracted is the Candlelight Killer, who stalks young women, leaves messages on their answering machines and kills them!

I've watched this movie at least a dozen times, possibly more. When I see it will be aired, I generally tune in, as it's a nifty little movie.
What it is when i c my ex married bf's image turnin to u a young school girl's turnin her back at me??
My married ex,just came back to my country again wantin to start over with me&i saw this dream..we in a crowded with alot of students place..n suddenly i see him as a young blond girl turnin her back to me with a yellow school bag!
Oh! Oh no he didn't!
Is it appropriate for a married politician to send an "underwear" pic to a young school girl?
Or perhaps "co-ed" would be a better term, the former sounds more scandalous...
Of course not.

His photo is being filed in "Small" Claims court.

What exactly is wrong with a tv comedy depicting a young high school girl with downs syndrome?
in a comical teen dating situation?

When did Sarah Palin become the spokes person for people with disabilities?

Should we burn all of the "Life Goes On" DVDs?
Like Southparks credo "if you make fun of everyone, you are not being bigoted".

They are very timely and believe it or not you can learn from some of the SP episodes.

I wish they would start killing Kenny again though.
Name of film where very young blonde girl attacked at school by caretaker?
Her sister was supposed to pick her up from school (she worked in record shop) but was late. Young girl waited outside for her sister but got talking to school caretaker, who abused her and girl ended up in hospital. He then got away with it, but the mum shot him in court and he then died. Watched this a long time ago, and cannot remember what it was called now?
A Mother's Revenge (1993 TV movie)
starring Lesley Ann Warren, Bruce Davison, Shirley Knight, (Melissa) Missy Crider, Allison Mack, Annette O'Toole
IMDb review:
Carol Sanders is a woman who juggles motherhood, a career and a family, including a husband who frequently is away on business trips. They have two daughters: Jill, 17, and Wendy, 12. While Jill deals with her own world, becoming independent and an adult, Wendy seems to be closer to Carol. One day, Carol needs to stay late at work, so she calls Jill at work to pick up Wendy after school. Jill is late, which worries Wendy, who heads back into the school building to call her mother. Little does Wendy know that Jack the janitor has had his eye on her. He beats then rapes her, leaving her for dead. Wendy is in the hospital clinging for life while Frank is caught. Frank's quick-witted attorney, along with his lying mother, take him off the hook. Frank is free from all charges and is a free man. Carol is outraged at what is happening and decides to take the law into her own hands. Right there in the courtroom, she pulls a gun out of her purse and shoots Frank.
Suggestions for some appropriate girl movies for young middle school aged girls?
my church is holding a sleepover for a middle school girls group and want to show movies at the end of the night but we're having trouble finding movies to show. so far we have the princess bride. ANY suggestions would be helpful.
we were also looking at a few but i haven't seen them in a while so i'm not sure of their content. any opinions on these would be great also
ever after
princess diaries

mean girls
80s movies like breakfast club, pretty in pink, 16 candles
some 90s chick flicks like drive me crazy, shes all that, maybe something cute like sweet home alabama

help me out?…
Lifetime movie young high school girl gets married to older abusive man?
i seen it a while back i really liked the movie. She has a younger guy she is seeing kill her older abusive husband does anyone know the name of this movie?
Lying Eyes…
What do you think is the best small pet for a young girl (junior school)?
She wants a rabbit or a guinea pig. What are the pros / cons of each? Any idea of a better suggestion?
Its good that she wants to have responsiblility of something.....when i was in junior high i had a ferret, rabbit, dogs, I love animals.

Cons/Pros of having a rabbit.
They are considered caged animals by most landlords, keeping you from the hefty pet fee usually.
They are very smart, will learn their name, and form independent relationships with any people or animals in the house.
Most of the time they are non-destructive to your living space, if given the right amount of toys to keep busy. However, be prepared to deal with carpet pulling and cord chewing until they learn and you can "bunny-proof" areas they like.
If you have a bonded pair they make great pets that can accept your love on your time, as they will keep each other company when you can't be around.
They do not generally leave a bad odor around after using the litter box.
If they happen to use your floor for a litter box, cleaning up is easy and there are generally no foul odors left behind.
Each rabbit will have a unique, person like, attitude for you to interact with.
They are NOT pets to give to young guys. Being a timid animal, picking them up too much and carrying them wildly makes them scared and/or angry.
To properly feed them, they can be more expensive than other pets.
They may be hard to house train if you aren't persistent until they get it right. It is even harder before having them spayed/neutered at a young age.
When angry or overly scared, they may bite. Their bite is a very hard one and will go deep into the skin. I personally carry a scar on my chest from Stewart from when he was critically injured and I picked him up. Think of their teeth as tiny razor blades.
Having a single rabbit and not showing them attention every day will give it a miserable life, and it will be un-enjoyable to own. It will mope around, eat, and sleep from depression and lack of attention. It's either have two rabbits or prepare each day to spend time playing with him/her.

Gunia Pig
Cons and Pro
They're not pigs and they're not from New Guinea, but these cuddlebugs are the most docile-and vocal-of all companion rodents. Readily tamed and easy to handle, GPs love to sit on their humans' laps, too. Under adult supervision, guinea pigs are excellent first pets for guyren.

These little critters aren't the kind of pets you can passively watch through the bars of the cage. They need time out to exercise every day. Do you have what it takes to be a guinea pig's gym coach? And it's a great idea to keep two or more of these social animals together, just make sure you have adequate housing for them. (Please don't keep males and females together, unless they are spayed or neutered.

Larger than hamsters, but smaller than rabbits, guinea pigs can weigh a couple of pounds and generally live for five to seven years. The three most common breeds of guinea pig are the Smooth-Coated, with short, glossy fur; the Abyssinian, whose hair grows in fluffy tufts all over the body, and the Peruvian, with long, silky hair that flows to the ground.

Guinea pigs make wonderful companions. These docile members of the rodent family rarely bite and are known for squeaking with delight when their favorite humans enter the room. Guinea pigs are excellent starter pets for older guyren who have mastered proper handling techniques.

When you first get your pet, you’ll need to spend about $35 for a cage. Food runs about $75 a year, plus $25 annually for toys and treats, $50 for an annual veterinary check-up and $400 per year for litter and bedding material. We recommend getting your guinea pig from a responsible breeder or, even better, adopting one from a shelter or small-animal rescue group.

Guinea pigs are social animals who prefer to live in small groups. If you keep two or more females together, they will become great friends. If you want two males, it’s smart to choose two babies from the same litter. Since guinea pigs, like all rodents, multiply rapidly, keeping males and females together is not recommended.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll need to provide a minimum of four square feet of cage space per guinea pig—but please try to get as large a cage as possible. You’ll need a solid-bottom cage—no wire floors, please, as they can irritate your pets’ feet. Plastic-bottom “tub cages” with wire tops also make great guinea pig homes. Never use a glass aquarium, due to the poor ventilation that it provides.

Always keep the cage indoors away from drafts and extreme temperatures, as guinea pigs are very susceptible to heatstroke. They’ll prefer an environment kept at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Line the bottom of the cage with aspen or hardwood shavings or some other form of safe bedding, such as grass hay. Do not use cedar or pine chips—the oils they contain can be dangerous to your pets. (P.S. Yes, you can train a guinea pig to use a litter box—but please note that this will require lots of time and patience!)

Guinea pigs love to hide when they play, so be sure to place cardboard tubes and/or empty coffee cans with smoothed edges in the enclosure for this purpose. Plastic pipes and flower pots are good, too, and bricks and rocks for climbing will be much appreciated. All guinea pigs need a cave for sleeping and resting, so please provide a medium-sized flower pot or covered sleeping box, readily available at pet supply stores.

I would personally recommend a ferret.....thats just me though lol. Ferrets are great animals!!! Here are some cons and pros for them.

ProsThe Cuteness Factor: They are adorable. That's a hard argument to fight against. Ferrets are as cute as the day is long and twice as cheerful. Ican't remember ever seeing a ferret who was obviously having a bad day. Asleep or at play, ferrets ooze personality from every pore. When you let them out to play for the first time everyday, they are so excited to be out, so excited to see you, just so darned excited to be a ferret, they do an absolutely amazing Happy Dance. Arching their backs as high as they can and 'grinning' from ear to ear, they snicker loudly - you have to hear it to believe it - and bounce rapidly up and down and, usually and sometimes unfortunately, sideways.
This display will go on until they tire or, more likely, until they see something shiny and take off to investigate. It is an absolutely charming display. It is also easy to see their personalities shine through during playtime.'s oldest matriarch, Tina, tends to talk to herself while running around the house looking for cats to chase. 2. Ease of Care-Taking: Just like us, ferrets like their rest. The difference is, a ferret's rest period lasts almost eighteen hours out of every twenty-four. Because of their need for beauty sleep, they are perfectly happy to be left home alone in their cage for most of the day. All they require is a few hours of fun with their favorite humans every evening. Since they can be litter box trained, clean up is a simple matter of emptying their used litter into the trash and replacing it with a fresh batch every day. They can be fed out of a bin feeder although they do like their treats whenever they can con them out of a hapless passer-by. Ferrets also tend to be easy to entertain in the toy department as well.
One of myfavorite playthings to supply them with is a hard rubber baby teething toy. These toys allow them to chew to their heart's content without the danger of swallowing bits of plastic that might otherwise lead to dangerous intestinal blockage. There is also quite a selection of ferret specific toys available on the market, from tubes and tunnels to edible chew toys. Your ferret will quickly let you know what he prefers to keep himself busy while you are off earning the money to buy his ferret kibble!

3. Fitting Into the Household: I had ferrets that lived alone, ferrets that lived with cats, ferrets that lived with dogs, and ferrets that lived with ferrets. Just about any combination works. Ferrets are fearless little creatures and think nothing of hopping up to a big dog to say howdy. With the right training, ferrets can live with almost any other companion animal. Since they can be trained not to bite, ferrets can also live with guyren, as long as the proper amount of supervision is provided. Cats tend to be wary of ferrets, since ferrets have an innate fascination with following cats around and nibbling at their tails, but our cats have learned to take the high ground when the most aggressive of their housemates are roaming free. Dogs can pose a danger to ferrets - especially big dogs who like to play a little rough - but, again, with the proper amount of supervision, cohabitation is definitely possible.
The Cons:

1. What Is That Perfume?: Okay, we'll be honest. Ferrets do have an odor, no matter what you do about it. Most ferrets are descented at a very young age, but that only involves removing the larger anal musk glands. Known in Latin as 'stinky polecats,' ferrets do tend to leave a lasting scent on their bedding and on anything else they come into direct contact with around the house.
As long as they are well groomed, bathed often, and kept in a clean enclosure, the odor shouldn't be too much to bear. They do need to have their litter boxes emptied daily, however, because their feces tend to be pungent as well. Since they have an incredibly short digestive tract, ferrets process their meat-based food very quickly, thus leading to frequent and copious elimination. Again, cleanliness is the key. Keep their cages and their bodies clean and the odor stays at a minimum. There are a number of products on the market today that work wonders. Ferret shampoos, ferret body sprays, ferret litter box sprays, and ferret food additives are all available at your local pet store or from your favorite online pet supply merchant like The Ferret Store.

2. Legal Ferrets: Okay, it is still true; ferrets aren't legal everywhere. Regardless of the best efforts of lobbyists, ferrets are still banned in California and Hawaii. Before you bring one home, it is best to check and see what the restrictions are, if any, in your area. If it is illegal to own one in your neck of the woods, a quick search of the web should get you in touch with a ferret legalization group in your area. Say it loud and say it proud: a chicken in every pot and a ferret in every home!
3. Ferret Felons: People aren't joking when they refer to ferrets as little thieves. If it isn't nailed down and it looks interesting, the odds are pretty good that it will be relocated to the latest, greatest stash spot lickety-split! Our biggest offender is one of our oldest males, Scout. Scouty is a thief with a sweet tooth; along with our car keys and wallets, he has been known to empty the entire Halloween candy bowl, transporting the contents to the depths of the couch and under the bed in the course of one short evening.

I'VEhad shoe liners stolen out of our boots, glasses snitched off of the nightstand, and coasters liberated off of the coffee table. Scout was once caught trying to yank a full-sized boot through the two-inch gap under the dresser; from the looks of the boot, he'd been at if for some time before he was busted! Some people can't deal with the constant relocation of their stuff - just remember to keep a sense of humor!
4. Can't Just Have One: Idebated about listing this under the Pros as well. Although we have known many people who have had one happy ferret,
There's more, you know. There are a thousand reasons to own them, and almost as many against the idea. It all depends on what you want out of your companion animal. If you love free-spirited, happy, challenging, daredevil pets, we recommend joining the ranks of the proud ferret owners. Once you start, it's almost impossible to go back!

If she/you decides on an animal and need help, let me know......I love helping people with thier new pets!

Well, I may be a little biased, but I personally would recommend a guinea pig over a hampster any day. Hampsters are usually much more "testy" and bite more frequently than guinea pigs. However, when you are selecting a guinea pig, be sure to select one with a more quiet personality. I also recommend selecting a male animal, because females have hormonal issues and tend to be a bit moodier.

The only negative thing about owning a guinea pig versus a hampster is that guinea pigs take up a lot more space and tend to be noisier. Guinea pigs have a whole variety of vocalizations, whereas hampsters don't make any sounds. Also, keep in mind that guinea pigs lean towards being nocturnal, so they tend to make noise at night, just as much as during the day, so they should not be kept in a bedroom (this is also good for air quality.)

I hope this is helpful. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me. Good luck
What's the story about the ghost of a young girl that talks to Yakuom in school rumble?
In the Anime / Manga School Rumble a young ghost girl comes and talks to Yakumo. What is her story? Why dose she care? what is her name? Do they explain in the book or did I miss it in the Anime?
Was the writer on drugs at the time of devolping this book by any chance??
What can we do to discourage young girl in grade school not to perform oral sex on boys?
I heard that is common now for 12 year olds! That is Absolutely disgusting. Can we reintroduce a stigma for that kind of behavior? Maybe inform them that it is gross and girls who do that are insecure and want the other girls to do what they do so that they will feel better about themselves? Call them deep throat or something? We could really make it so girls are disgusted by doing this for boys if we tried.
It's absolutely disgusting regardless of whos business it is jack a$$, and you can gtfo yahoo, whoever you think you are. The world is a disgusting plcace, and even from where I am from, 12 year olds are doing way more than oral sex with guys about 18-19 years old. Not rumors, actually walking in at parties and going into the washroom to take a piss, and people are doing "it" there (No I don't drink). Anyways, Yes we probably could, but people are who they are and sometimes it isn't worth the trouble to be completely honest. I don't quite understand myself why girls want to have oral sex with guys, especially so young, the most probably answer is: they do it to fit in, and they do it because the guy pressures them to. Sometimes once they do it, they just can't stop because they feel someone is controlling them to do it or if they don't do it, they are perhaps threatened? So one thing to look at is guys pressuring girls to do it, what is wrong with guys nowadays, teenagers think they have their lives figured out, "Hey ima go get piss drunk and have sex with some 12 year old chick, that way ill fit in at school AND ill lose my virginity, COOl!". and hence, they do whatever they want, even if it includes doing stupid things. Informing a girl that it is actually really disgusting won't stop them from doing it.

I can see your situation, let me guess, you have a friend that does this? Somewhere along the lines of that....if they want to do it, it is their choice, but don't encourage them. Don't pound them every day about it either, it's not worth losing a friend or something over.

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