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Are they going to show a sneek peek of New Moon at Comic-Con today?
Today they have the Comic-Con and I was sondering if they are going to do a sneek peek for New Moon like they did with Twilight last year?
The clips from comic con are already online: Watch them here:…
For those who watched the aftershow of survivor samoa, did they show a sneek peek of a new season?
if so, what is it called?
Yes they showed a short preview of the new season 20 and its called "Heroes VS Villians". It's going to have all contestants who were previously on other Survivor seasons.
You can watch the preview here:…
What updos can I have to show my red peek a boo highlights?
I have no layers and it's a few centimeters below my shoulders.
braids, twists, buns, poney tails, pigtails, etc
(If you dont want to cut your hair)
What are hair peek-a-boos and can anyone show me pictures of blackhair with red ones?
I have jet black hair,it is dyed. I regret that I died it,but Idont want to spend all kinds of money on a hair stripping.I ama 15 yr old boy and i want to put red in my hair. I want to know what is instyle andnot to girly. my hair is to my shoulders though.please help!!
a peek-a-boo isn't going to make it look any better
why don't you just get a lot of messy highlights?
How to change the Aero Peek settings on the Windows 7 task bar?
i accidently changed my settings to where i don't have aero peek showing up anymore, does anyone know how to fix this?
Hi Rachel,

Right-click anywhere on the Desktop, select Personalize, then choose a theme from the Aero category.


Windows Outreach Team
JONAS show sneak peek!!!?
The sneak peek just premiered! what did you think? i thought joe was Hot and funny and kevin and nick were great too

i don't really understand the plot its confusing please explain!

And who looking for to the show on May 2 premiering on disney? I AM! i promised i would never miss an episode!
yea, i'm SUPER excited!!!!! i cannot wait til may 2nd! its gonna be awesome! i have to remember to set up my DVR to record all the episodes that way i wont miss any! i saw the sneak peek, its awesome and it made me even more excited! lol!
the plot is basically, they are a famous band of boys who goes to school and tries to be like normal guys..but its heard they change their last name to Lucas (which is their mom's maiden name! lol) but yea, bascially, it just shows them living their lives and trying to be normal...but idk. i dont think they changed their last names cuz on the sneak peek that one girl said the was the #1 Jonas fan...idk...we'll find out! i cant wait! =]
Is it cool to for guys to show just a peek (waistband) of their underwear over shorts at the beach/sports?
Guys and gals alike, give me ur views for a survey... thanks! Doing a study in class out of curiosity as we see many guys showing brands of their undies esp at the beach or just in sports in college/school..
I think that if guys can wear a peek of their waistband above shorts, then girls should also be able to do so.
What do you guys think of the sneak peek of my new web show?
Would you watch this?…
Fantastic! You can really feel the emotion as speed is built up and the inevitable meats fruition. It truly demonstrates the perpetual frustration of man repeatedly running into the walls of life as well as the determination and perseverance that is getting back on the bike.
Windows 7's Aero Peek Won't Show Up?
I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, this happen occasionally after hours of using. The Aero Peek stop working sometimes (When I hover it above opened program's icon on the task bar, and nothing show up). The only way to solve this is to restart computer, but it is inconvenience. Are they're anywhere to solve Aero Peek freezing problem without needing to restart computer?
Hi Mr. Ask,

There may be a compatibility issue with certain programs you are using and Aero. In order to detect and fix this issue, run the Aero troubleshooter. To do so follow these steps:

Open the Aero troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type Troubleshooter, click Troubleshooting, and then, under Appearance and Personalization, click Display Aero desktop effects. You may be asked for an administrator password, so make sure you have it handy.

Hope this helps!

Microsoft Windows Outreach

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